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Info from the organizer:
As you may have noticed from the refunds arriving to your accounts – We are forced to postpone our show due to one of our headliners being locked down in their home country. We feel the tickets were too expensive to make any last-minute substitutions on you, and we are also aware of the record-breaking daily case numbers both in PL & DE, as well as a new strain appearing in Europe, and the restrictions being introduced hard and fast. This is a postponement, not a cancellation—we will do it when we can bring you the exact comedians you paid for and when there aren’t record numbers of cases and new variants.

For the first time, we have two fantastic, established European comedians visiting us from Vienna & Berlin! Also for the first time, we have enough tickets for you, your friends, their extended family, and your childhood dentist.
We will be meeting in the legendary Klub Hybrydy on Saturday the 4th December with 3 of our invited comedians, and hopefully, 300 of you! If you’ve already been to one of our smaller shows, you know this one is worth letting all your friends know about.
? The first 50 tickets are 10 PLN OFF.
? The first 25 tickets also receive a free drink token.
? ?
Don’t wait. So far, none of our events have ever had tickets left to purchase on the door.
? JACK HOLMES — a British-born comedian based in Central Europe. Holmes has developed a reputation as one of the hardest working comedians in Europe, performing 200+ shows a year across multiple continents, firmly cementing himself as a name to watch in the European Comedy circuit. His jokes walk a delicate line between anger and absurdity, whilst tackling self-depreciation and cross-cultural observations to hilarious and heart-warming effect.
? KAT NIP — a Polish comedian, doing it in English…in Germany? She’s a catholic-turned alcoholic whose main hobbies include biting filters off Lucky Strikes before smoking them, and grooming younger, preferably ginger, men. A part of a writing team for Comedy Central DE & PL, she hosts and produces variety shows in Berlin with her female collective “Queen Bees”. She still remains the only person she knows that has tasted a friend’s placenta.
? KAROL KOPIEC — Polish stand-up & improv legend with almost 15 years on the stage, he has performed his wildly optimist and abstract comedy in London, Chicago, Budapest, and Vilnius. He invites you to a strange world that may seem familiar to you – the everyday reality observed from a completely different perspective.
And the show is brought to you by your hosts:
? BADR LAFFAR — The most explosive Syrian comedian. That’s saying something. His surname sounds a bit like ‘laughter’— Because it’s made up. We made it up because he may or may not say things that will put his family back at home in grave danger. You have to see it—unless you’re from the Saudi embassy. In that case, there’s nothing for you to see here. No, really. Please don’t come. At least wait for the show to be over before you take him.
? DAVE RYGIELSKI — The creator and co-host of That English Comedy Show and already the biggest comedian in Poland. Deciding his 6ft5 frame made people too comfortable, he decided to lift weights to appear more friendly. Encouraged by getting 100 thousand views and 2 death threats for his Polish stand-up clip on the internet, he decided to go back to his passion—performing in English to people who can’t get through his British accent.
? The first 50 tickets are 10 PLN OFF.
? The first 25 tickets also receive a free drink token.
? ?
Don’t wait. So far, no That English Comedy Show events have ever had tickets left to purchase on the door.