Date & time Venue Proxima Tickets 39-109 Lineup 16:00 - Meet&Greet
17:30 - koncert
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Sylwia Lipka – famous singer, TV presenter and youtuber – after sold out promotions promoting her first album “Glass Dream” has come the next tour – “Na Fali”.

Since 2014 she has been one of the main contributors to Disney Channel. She has had the opportunity to lead her own program, “I Love Violetta”, to represent the station in the United Kingdom and the United States, where she ran the “Red Carpet” radio show. In August 2015, Sylwia took part in the Young Sing Stars competition, where she became the artist of My Music and joined the Young Stars project. By the year 2015 Sylwia also debuted her first single “Got That Something”, and the single “Forget I Want” and “See” gained the status of gold discs. On October 20th, a new bilingual artist’s album “Wave / Wave” came out, from which songs we will hear “Na Fali”.